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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Rules for a second date

Okay, you really like this guy and the first date went well. And he's called up asking for another one. But how do you make it work? It's confusing, right? Will he expect something for the money he's spending on you? Or should you go dutch, just so that you make it clear that you want to take it slow.

Men are really easy to read, so remember these second date rules to know what you should expect.

Show interest

Most people are aware of the fact that it does take two or more dates to really know a person. Make sure you have your dates cleared for a week after the first date, so you can go out with him again. If a man wants a second date he'll call back in 24 hours to three days.

If you have a common friend who set you up, let him/her know how much you liked the first one, and that you are looking forward to the second one.

Take charge

Of course, no one's stopping you from taking the initiative, if you are interested then go for it by asking him on a second date. But do make sure you've read him right and detected an interested on his part - it prevents a lot of embarrassment.

Don't jump to conclusions

Just because he asked for a second date doesn't mean he's ready to jump into marriage! Take it easy and don't share such personal feelings so fast yet.

Get to know each other

Find out his likes, dislikes and convey your own. This way you can check to see what your common interests are. Believe me, one or two dates are not enough to find out everything about each other, no matter how strong the attraction!

Hope these rules help and your second date translates into many more!

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