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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Don't do this in bed..Tips for Males n Females

Anne is lying in bed with her boyfriend Jayesh. It has been a passionate evening. And while they're both whispering sweet nothings to the other, Anne says, "My ex-boyfriend had this funny habit of smoking right after we made love. I can imagine him lighting up now."
Anne now refers to Jayesh as her ex-boyfriend too.
As important as it is to know what your man likes in bed, it's even more important to know what he doesn't. So never, ever do the following:

Discuss your past sex life

Keep the names of whoever you've slept with to yourself. Your current guy is not interested - you are raving about him! Naina Malhotra, a 25-year-old copywriter, had a habit of talking about her ex all the time. "One day, I did it in bed. The guy I was with just got up, put on his clothes and left, leaving me wondering what went wrong," she says.

Talk too much

Yes, those post-coital conversations are important to cement a bond between the two of you. But it gets annoying if you keep yapping for hours on end. "I asked my girlfriend to carry a notepad to bed and write down all the things she wanted to say as I would be in a better frame of mind to listen to her the next morning," says Ajay Verma, a 27-year-old software programmer.

Ask about his feelings for you

Do not, absolutely do not ask him 'do you love me?' immediately after you have had sex. It's a rather pointless question, since he won't say 'No' even if he doesn't love you. Take him out during the day if you want to ask such profound questions.

Excessive cuddling

Yes, we love to do this right after the act, but men apparently, need to sleep. Really! Sex is a task that requires an immense input of time and energy. Vikram Sharma, a 25-year-old marketing manager, says "Sex can be exhausting sometimes! I want to sleep, but no, she wants to go cuddle."

Discuss relationship issues

As much as you have been wanting to talk to him about things between you, leave them for until the morning after. Time spent in bed together is supposed to be intimate and pleasurable. Discussing any sort of sensitive issues may actually wreck the relationship rather than help things for you.

One general rule is: Take everything easy without pushing things too much. Make him happy and the gesture shall be reciprocated!

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