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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Disciplined meal and exercises can prevent diabetes

Maintaining timely eating habits, and a disciplined lifestyle can help Indian prevent Diabetes, especially the type II that is prevalent in the country.

"So just by managing and disciplining the meals coupled with compulsory exercise at least for few minutes everyday , it is possible to prevent the so called disease complications," Director, diabetes endocrine Nutrition Management and Research studies, Prof H B Chandalia told media here.

Refined carbohydrates such as those found in white bread, white rice and soft drinks including sports drinks should be completely avoided as they all breakdown rapidly in the human system which means after eating and drinking the sugar in the blood rises quickly to high levels, Chandalia said.

"Since the current lifestyle, elevated stress levels and fierce competition hardly gives time to focus on our diet, but everyone should realise that the managing the body metabolism is more important for leading a healthy life than anything else," he said.

The researcher said that considering the fact that a diabetic patient has a lot of restriction, there is a definite absence of optimum nutrition.

Foods with complex carbohydrates that break down more slowly such as whole grains, vegetables and beans will not only have less impact on the sugar levels in the blood making nutrition a part of diabetics lifestyle but also be most compliance with a nutritious diet, Chandalia added.

On meal management and exercises, Dr Farhad Zangeneh, assistant clinical professor of Medicine of George Washington University, said there is an increasing tendency of doubling of weight in rest of the world while it is trebling in Gulf countries.

"Diabetes is not a disease and is simply the bad eating habits and in large quantities in frequent intervals thus burdening the system," he said.

In US even children are facing the obese syndrome. There is gestational diabetes in pregnant women all over the world, as doctors recommend bed rest and rich food during pregnancy, he said.

Zangeneh also said there was a large deficiency of vitamin
B-12 and Vitamin D in diabetic patients and population in general due to various reasons.

As natural Vitamin D (from the Sunlight) is not available to the people adequately, people should be going for supplementary forms, he said.

On the meal replacement, Zangeneh said it was important to take meals rich in minerals and microelements and completely avoid soft drinks and fruit juices. Instead have one serving of fruits so that there will be slow release of carbohydrate into the system, the doctor said.

Chandalia said that in a survey conducted in South Mumbai school, his institute found the 11 per cent ratio of obesity.

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