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Friday, 13 November 2009

New bra boosts breasts' size in seconds!

The firm’s latest invention could see boob job clinics going bust, for it is pain-free and costs 24 pounds.

The revolutionary bra can be worn for work and then boosted for a night on the town by adding silicone pouches - made from the same material used in breast implants.

These push the boobs together and up, for a natural-look cleavage. "The effect of this bra is both visible and dramatic without the drastic measures of surgery, proving you don’t have to spend 35,000 pounds on new boobs like Amy Winehouse," the Sun quoted Ultimo boss Michelle Mone as saying.

Model Tal Berkovich, 24, tested the new bra and said: "I love my boobs in this bra and I would definitely wear it on a night out. It’s actually really comfortable as well.”

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