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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Only 43 eggs per year for an Indian!

An Indian eats only 43 eggs in a year on an average against prescribed consumption of 180 eggs a year for an individual in spite of NECC's heavy promotion for regular egg consumption through well-known slogans like 'Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao Ande'.

"National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad has prescribed consumption of 180 eggs a year for an individual, but compared to that the actual figure of egg consumption in India is very small (43 eggs per person a year)," Venkateshwara Biofeed Business Manager Sanjeev Chintavar told reporters.

While Japan's average annual egg consumption per person stands at 346, a person in China on an average eats 312 eggs per year and this figure stands at 304 for Mexico, according to the National Egg Coordination Committee.

India's per capita egg consumption is not growing because the government is not paying the required attention towards this and also poultry feed items like maize and bajra have become costlier, he added.

"We want the government to either make poultry feed available to farmers at subsidised rates or announce a minimum support price for egg so that farmers are attracted towards this," he added.

Not only is egg rich in vitamins and minerals but also affordable for the common man-- priced at Rs 3 per egg at present.

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