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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Now it's easier to quit smoking using laser acupuncture

In some good news for smokers who want to kick the butt, doctors in the capital city have introduced Laser acupuncture therapy which they promise will bring major changes in their habits without any withdrawal symptoms.

"With laser acupuncture, we can help chain smokers to quit smoking in two days in a painless and non-invasive manner," Dr Ravinder K Tuli, senior consultant holistic medicine, Apollo hospital, said.

The treatment has an added merit that it helps one to quit smoking without any withdrawal symptoms which includes headaches and other uneasiness, thereby dramatically increasing the chances of success, he said.

Explaining how Laser acupuncture works Tulsi said, "Using a low level laser, light energy is used to stimulate the nervous system to produce endorphins - nature's mood lifters and pain relievers. This system calms the nervous system, eliminates craving and helps one quit smoking."

Application of soft harmless invisible infra red laser beam on key acupuncture points on the body sets in a sequence of neuro-humoral events leading to harmonisation of complex chemicals in central nervous system called neurotransmitters.

It in turn releases endorphins which direct the body into a healing mode leaving a person in a state of contentment, he explained.

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