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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Census to quiz Britons who are they sleeping with!

The latest census in Britain has been branded as a sex snoopers’ charter after revelations that it would ask citizens private questions like who are they sleeping with.

Controversial new forms will ask citizens to reveal the number of bedrooms in their homes, and the name, sex, age and address of overnight visitors.

Ministers stopped short of including a question on people’s sexuality, fearing it would spark a backlash.

The 32-page Census form is aimed at creating a comprehensive image of social trends in the UK every 10 years.

And residents can be fined 1,000 pounds for supplying false information or failing to return the form.

The Parliament has yet to approve the proposals, but a draft form is due to be put before MPs in the next few days.

However, conservatives have branded the 2011 Census a sex snoopers’ charter.

“These bedroom snoopers are ­another sign of how the Labour ­Government has no respect for the ­privacy of law-abiding citizens,” The Daily Express quoted Shadow Cabinet minister Nick Hurd as saying.

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