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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Teaching Teen Girls: 5 Signs A Guy Is Only Interested in Sex

How do parents teach their teen daughter that they have to learn whether or not a guy is only interested in sex? It is important dating lesson, one that teens are learning earlier and earlier.

Here are a few tips I like to give teen girls when they start thinking about boys and dating:

1) Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Boys can be smooth talkers. One thing I try to impress upon girls (even on my 23 year-old friends) is that girls read way more into language than boys. Some boys—not all, might stretch the truth if it means they will get to hook-up with you. That is why listening to actions, is almost more important than listening to words. Does he say he cannot wait to see you, but forgets to call? Does he say that he does not care if you hook-up, but then is very physical when you see each other?

2) Learn to Read Faces

Most people actually display most of their emotions on their faces. Teen boys especially are not very good at hiding their true emotions. This can be a great way to see if he is telling the truth and how he really feels. Look at his face the instant you say ‘no’ to doing something you are uncomfortable with. Does he look sad, scared, embarrassed or worried? These are all OK emotions. If he looks angry, resentful, bored or annoyed this is not a good sign.

3) How Do His Friends Treat You

Guys always talk to their guys about sex and you. I find that if you meet his friends and they have heard about you, talk to you and take an interest in you, your guy probably shared his idea that he likes you more than just for sex. If they ignore you, make lewd comments or snicker when you come in, you might want to have a talk with one of them or your guy for what they know.

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