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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Should girls play Hardsex to get?

While guys are always told to 'treat them mean and keep them keen', users in the MY Sun Woman forum wondered if the reverse was true.

Should girls play hard to get in order to bag themselves a man? Does making a fella chase after you result in a dream date or disaster? reports The Sun.

Goagirl is dubious at best: "I doubt it works. A relationship based on game playing is usually doomed to fail. It is cruel, dishonest and childish."

Mind games make for a bad start to a relationship for gem79: "I never play hard to get, I don't like playing with peoples emotions, it's really not nice."

chelle-pell suggests that boys get bored by babes keeping their distance: "A few of the guys I know tell me it's quite a turn off when a woman tries to make them chase after her, and they simply lose interest."

Giving us a guy's point of view, mick thinks women shouldn't get too carried away with playing it cool: "If the guy really likes the girl she might get away with it for a while, says The Sun.

"But she should give an indication that she is also interested if she wants to string him along."

However, ScienceGirl reckons being elusive is a great way to weed out the time-wasters: "What's wrong with playing a bit hard to get? It's been a tried and tested method throughout the ages!

"Nice guys don't need to be played with, you know they won't steer you wrong. It's the ones you're not too sure about, and you need to be sure they are after you for the right reasons.

"I find making guys work for my attention separates the wheat from the chaff."

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