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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sexuality of Teenage Girls

Teenage girls are some of the most interesting groups of people in society. There is so much to say about them and, let us begin with understanding what being a teenage girl is all about. Teenage girls are girls who are in the process of becoming adults. This is a stage filled with changes and many of them are not just physical but, they are mental and psychological. It is pretty interesting to analyze teenage girls because they are so unpredictable. The greatest change they go through is the mental and emotional change. It is from the brain that the girls start to act differently. Of course all the changes are linked together and, it is hard to divorce them. Some of the physical changes that teens undergo are development of their sexual organs. This is where they start to feel their first sexual impulses and, it can prove to be very strange. For this reason. Teenage girls want to explore what sex is all about and they end up experimenting. Statistics have stated that half of all teenagers in the United States are sexually active and this is very strange compared to the past.

With the onset of modernization, teens are becoming more and more aware as their knowledge increases. They are also becoming more and more confident in the issue of sex. Therefore, it is no wonder of teenagers having sex nowadays. Teens will tend to have some form of rebellion during this stage. This is mainly because they are confused about life and they are not yet adults. They are also too old to be considered children. This can indeed prove to be a very lonely period and the only people they can really on identify with are other peers. Sex during teenage has a lot of implications and, it is not enough to tell all teens to abstain. In other words, abstinence has proved to be a failure when it comes to the best course of action against all looming implications of sex. Church leaders and other older people are of the mind that teens should not be having sex in the first place.

But, the other school of thought is that this concern is not very realistic. There has been commercialization of sex and what the teens have grown up watching has had a very huge impact on them. The reality is that, not all teen girls will want to abstain from sex. Therefore, it is vital to explore all other aspects and make sure that the teens are safe. There is much importance to ensure that information on how to have safe sex is put out there. With choices, the teen girls can make a wise decision and, if they cannot abstain, it is better to preserve their health. Sex is the most important topic that any parent with a teenager should focus on. Let them know what the consequences are and how they can make informed decisions.

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