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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Penetration Complications Vaginal Restrictions

Imagine, you are having a sexual intercourse, and are about to receive the penetration, but your tight vagina makes it an uncomfortable and a painful experience at a time of intimacy when passion, pleasure, and satisfaction should be soaring high.

A number of factors involved within a number of situations can be associated with a woman having a tight vagina. Such tightness can be related to the woman feeling tense, or has the inability to relax her pelvic and vaginal muscles at the time of penetration. Despite adequate vaginal lubrication, if the vagina, itself, is tight, penetration can be difficult to achieve. If a woman is amid experiencing her first initial events of intimacy that involved sexual intercourse, the vagina will, in all likelihood, be tight, as a result of the hymen not having been stretched, and, hence, may create pain at the point of penetration.

In some instances, whereas a woman possesses a tight vagina, it can be due to a severe condition, clinically labeled, Vaginismus. This condition bears responsibility for vaginal tightness.

Vaginismus, a term derived from Germany, and references the same definition. Encyclopedia resources define Vaginismus as a medical condition that has an adverse effect in a woman's ability to receive any type of vaginal penetration, which includes penetration of a sexual nature, usage of tampons by process of insertion, insertion of fingers, and such penetration as associated with a gynecological examination.

The complication involved within the impeding condition of the vagina is of what is clinically referenced as a conditioned reflex, involving the pubococcygeus muscle. Such reflex action engages the muscles within the vagina to abruptly tense and tighten, resulting in a tight vagina. This severity of the effects from vaginismus can cause any form of penetration into the vagina either impossible or an intensely excruciating painful ordeal.

Women who are afflicted with Vaginismus are medically referred to as vaginismic women. These women have no conscious control over the syndrome, which results in a spasm upon any attempts by any source or form to penetrate the vaginal area triggers an intensely tight vagina. To describe such reflex, in the format of an analogy, it resembles the scenario of an eye automatically closing its lid, upon an object approaching it. Vaginismus, in its levels of severity, can vary between affected women.

It is, literally, classified as a vicious circle for women who are vaginismic, as a result of the condition medically referred to as Vaginismus. In reported instances that best portray the personal complications that are associated in matters unique to vaginismic women, are in reference to their respective scenarios involving a tight vagina.

Such examples of complications surrounding intimacy are, as follows – A teenage girl has become aware of that upon her first penetrative sexual encounter, she will experience a significant amount of pain, and, as a result, she could potentially acquire vaginismus, as a result of the overwhelming anticipation of extreme pain. Then, should this same teenage girl actually be confronted with the interaction of sex involving penetration, a muscle spasm in the vagina will take place, therefore making the penetrative sex excruciatingly painful.

From that point on, confirmed by the initial stress endured through the initial penetration, she will react fearfully towards any future intimacy which involved sexual penetration, as her developed condition of vaginismus could potentially worsen, hence, founding the earlier reference to a vicious circle. On its own merits, in normal scenarios, less the effects of vaginismus or any other existing psychological conditions, penetration, amid the first few times, can be quite painful.

As the matters surrounding acquired or developed vaginismus have been described, it is now in equal sequence to address the circumstances that are encompassed with what is clinically regarded as Primary Vaginismus. This form of the condition focuses upon women who have never had the ability, based upon the associated reflex causing tight vagina, to engage in any form of penetration to the vaginal area, including sex involving penetration of any nature, as well as penetration by any other source, such as medical examinations, use of tampons, or to have a pap smear conducted, despite the efforts made. Most women, who learned later that they suffered from vaginismus, were absolutely unaware of their having such a condition, until the occasion arose to attempt to engage in a form of penetration to the vaginal area. Upon these women learning that they are afflicted with vaginismus find the condition baffling and confusing, as she had conceived the notion that vaginal penetration was natural and simplistic, and is totally oblivious as to the source behind the condition.

Such events that can potentially lead to a woman's development of primary vaginismus, which establishes a tight vagina, includes previous sexual abuse; were intensely instructed that sex, in general, is either immoral or vulgar; and the ever-present fearful regard that the pain, in correlation to penetration, along with the hymen being broken at the time of the initial sexual penetration.

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