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Sunday, 13 September 2009

First Time Sex Tips

Everybody knows something or the other about the sex. Up course many individuals even must have watched sex somewhere before they indulge in it for the first time (may be on television or through internet). But, we forget that there is lot of difference between expectations and actuality. The sex that we see on television or on internet is not the first time sex and it is done by the professionals. So, they are very much experienced, hence are able to do all the different things that we see. Please don’t try to don’t expect what you see there during the first sex sessions otherwise it would be a big disaster for you.

So, here are the first time sex tips for men and women that will make you first sex enjoyable and most cherished moment of life:

1. First sex tip to all the virgins is to take it easy when they are indulging in first time sex. Don’t be hurry to show your assets in hurry because it will make you end up early. So, be slow when you do it for the first time. Yes, I do understand to control the feelings during the first time is really hard task, but try to control that urge and you will enjoy it more.

2. Introduce foreplay while engaging in first time sex. If you directly proceed towards the intercourse then it may be very painful act for both of you as your bodies are not yet ready for penetrative sex. Specifically women are slow charging machines and hence they need a time. This is the most important sex tip for guys.

3. Safe sex is the mandatory priority during the first time sex. Make sure that he is wearing a condom, even if you’re on the pill. Even check whether he/she is having any infection from the STDs.

4. Communication is the key to make your first time sex an easy task for both the partners. Many times women’s specifically are very much shy about their body image so complementing them can help them lot to gain the confidence.

5. Avoid nervousness and anxiety. As we all know that first time sex can be really nerve-wracking and tense. So, be confident and keep the environment light and funny so that both of you get comfortable with each other.

6. Don’t keep high expectations because there is lot of difference between what you see in the reel and what you do in real. So, men and women should try out anything weird during the first time sex.

7. Be honest, as you are doing it for the first time so it can’t be good during the first try. But, don’t care about it because later on practice will make you perfect. You both will really laugh at each other when you will remember the first time experience.

8. Relax and have fun, hard to relax during the first time, but you can really enjoy sex more when you are bit relaxed.

9. Explore the erogenous zones. Exploring each other bodies thoroughly should be the first part of the sex. This will make you feel more erotic. Watch him/her with a keen eye and show the interest in touching every part of the body. This will really add a zing to your act.

10. Laugh at sex, yes keeping the laughter mood could really make you enjoy sex the most. Sex is kind of ridiculous, sweaty, fun, can be goof. You may get to hear all the new voices when skin collides with your partners. Even during the intercourse the friction may produce few uncanny sounds. So, just laugh at it and proceed further.

So, do remember the above mentioned tips so that your first sex experience may turn into the most treasured remembrance of love.


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