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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Be Super in Bed For the First Time ;;Sex Tips For Virgins -

The first time you make love can be both exciting and fraught with apprehension; it is the same for almost everyone, regardless of looks and confidence. It is quite common, then, to research ways to improve your performance before the big occasion. The sex tips for virgins in this article will do two things for you: they will help make your first performance of sexual intimacy a better one and, knowing such guidelines, your confidence will be vastly improved.

Talk With Your Partner - You will both be feeling pretty much the same. Get all of your worries and hopes out into the open. This will allow you to approach the occasion with more confidence.

Help With Premature Ejaculation - It is common for virgin males to become over-excited and be unable to sustain lovemaking for a long time. The solution is to masturbate several hours before the time of intimacy. Six to twelve hours should be perfect.

Pain And Bleeding For Females - You will experience a little pain and blood loss; this is normal. You can minimize these, however, if you wait to make love until you are fully aroused. This means that plenty of foreplay is vital. You should also encourage the use of lubricants.

Sexual Positions - The last thing you want to try to be, especially first time out, is a porn star. When you decide on a sex position, do not keep changing; stick with the same position and then gradually move on to the next. The missionary position is perfect for first-timers; it is simple and you get to be close to your partner and look into their eyes which is very intimate. If you must use another position, try the woman on top position. This involved the woman straddling the man, and deciding on the depth and angle of penetration. The woman, in this position, is easily able to induce a clitoral orgasm.

Orgasm - The man should try to let the woman orgasm first. If you have trouble lasting long enough to let this happen, just try thinking of something else while you are making love and encouraging your partner to climax because you are, yourself, near to it.

The best sex tips for virgins are to talk to one another and always try to make the other feel comfortable during the act of lovemaking. Open communication is the key. Try also to keep things simple and stick with one or two sex positions. Lastly, remember that no one expects you not to make mistakes on your first time; we are, after all, only human!

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