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Friday, 21 August 2009

Men avoiding sex counselling before Marriage

A new study has revealed that men on the verge of marriage should avoid sex counselling if they want to have a "problem-free" love life.

The study looked into the sexual prowess of couples, and found that women who undergo pre-wedding counselling were more satisfied in the marital bedroom, whereas men who do not attend counselling were more satisfied in bed.

In the research, 36 couples were asked to undergo premarital sex counselling, while 35 were asked not to, and the results showed that the sessions reduced fear and reluctance in the bedroom.

"Through its ability to address and remove fear and misunderstanding and the resulting sexual reluctance and related problems, premarital sexual education and counselling can contribute to sexual satisfaction," quoted the researchers as saying.

Almost 81 per cent of women who attended the sessions had a "problem-free sexual life", compared to their non-counselled counterparts of which 77 percent had a similar result.

But the researchers, from Pamukkale University and Ege University in Turkey, found that the sex lives of men were much better without the counselling.

Despite the difference in satisfaction between the genders, the researchers said that couples should attend the sex counselling.

"A recommendation to encourage engaged couples to attend premarital sexual counselling is made based on the findings," the research said of the findings published in the CSIRO journal Sexual Health.

"It is thought that an intervention plan ... will help nurses guide recently married couples to greater sexual satisfaction," the researchers added.

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