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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

It's more fun if you're fit for Sex

Fit women have more orgasms, a survey has discovered - and doing regular pelvic exercises can increase your chances of ecstasy, reports The Sun.

Eight out of ten women improved their sex lives in four weeks by doing the exercises daily - and seven out of ten of their partners said sex was better for them, too.

The findings have emerged in an ongoing survey underway in the lead up to National Orgasm Day on 31 July 2008, as reported in The Sun.

The survey also found that seven out of ten women can find their G-spot - but 28 per cent of women don't orgasm during sex or play.

Just of half of women who answered said they do some pelvic floor exercises but almost all said they would make more effort if they had information on the right routines.

Mums who gave birth naturally are the most likely to benefit from pelvic floor exercises because muscles can be stretched or damaged during childbirth.

Pelvic floor exercises - sometimes called Kegel exercises, after the doctor who developed them - involve tensing and relaxing the muscles lining the vagina.

But new mums are often given only an exercise sheet outlining the exercises and the demands - and exhaustion - of caring for a new baby mean they are often skipped.

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