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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Is your name Popular on net?

Are you a Rahul or a Neha? Chances are, you might happen to bump into your namesakes way too often on the internet, since the just out Google Zeitgeist 2009 lists them as the two most popular names in Delhi. These are followed by Amit, Raj and Rohit, and Priya, Pooja and Priyanka in the popular names rating.

But what’s more interesting is that these common names have propelled close to half a million Orkut users to start their names with special characters like $%^*&.

The survey, an aggregated study of the behaviour of city’s Orkut users over the past seven days, shows Delhiites obsessed with style and being stylish. ‘Stylish People’ is the most active community among city youth.

Commitment, says the survey, is latent among Delhiites. Of the 17 million Orkut users, 49 per cent women, and 32 per cent men are clueless about their relationship status. And it’s not because they’re looking for love online or heading for a break-up. The Google list shows that these 18-30-yr-olds just don’t know where they’re in life — as opposed to the 2 percent who claim to be in ‘open’ relationships, and the 50 odd per cent who say they’re single! It’s not like the confused bunch is here to date either. Only 36 per cent guys, and 22 per cent girls are online looking for a date. For over 70 per cent social networking is a ladder to a larger friend circle.

Delhi’s top communities
1. Stylish people
2. Chocolate
3. India
4. Boys vs Girls (Who is d best?)
5. Unforgettable School Life
6. MTV & still more MTV
7. I hate to wake up early
8. India stock market
9. Don’t Worry Be Happy
10. Jat World

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