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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Dare to date a mate's sister

For many guys, there is an unwritten rule that dating a mate's sister is a definite no-no.
But what if you were falling for your friend's sibling? reports The Sun.

Would you pluck up the courage and come clean about your feelings or would it be better to keep things schtum?

The Sun's MY Sun put the question to the fellas in our forums, who have been debating this difficult dilemma at length.

goonergurner has first hand experience: "I have a mate who's like a brother to me, I found out his sister fancied me. I secretly fancied her back."

But pals come before gals: "I never did anything about it and never would. My friendship was WAY more important than being a little bit attracted to his sister."

Sister act a bad idea?

Some users can't see the problem: "I would not have an issue with it ... have never done it as most of my mates' sisters were not my type ... or too young" reports The Sun.

wayne-d follows suit: "What's wrong with dating your mate's sister? I've been out with my mates' sisters in the past without a problem!

"It's when you date your own sister, you have problems!" he jokes.

What if the shoe was on the other foot, and your friend fancied YOUR sister?

ed_the_egg has a stern warning for mates who might: "As long as my friend looked after my sis he could date her - if he did not, well ... "

However, it's still a no-go area for many guys: "Nuh-uh, no way! A gentleman never crosses that line!" says erikthefantom .

"There are plenty of fine fillies out there, why would you risk a friendship? I believe it shows complete disrespect."

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